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Russian brides are known all over the world for their beauty and fascinating character. These tall girls with light straight hair, big eyes, and astonishing figures are also caring, loving and devoted. They value family and lot of them are dreaming about marrying a handsome foreigner.

Are you wondering where to meet an exclusive woman like this? Fortunately, today the Web is full on numerous dating websites that offer connections with Russian mail-order brides. You can find a lady, who shares and accepts your views on life.

A lot of Russian women are members of dating sites, seeking for a perfect partner. Here is what you should know before dating a fascinating Russian lady.

Why Russian brides are wanted?

There are around 4 billion women in the world, and among them, Russian ladies get the biggest amount of attention from men. Why is it so? The reason is quite simple – they combine valuable personal characteristics with the Western worldview. Besides, they are elegant and charming. Let’s see what men notice about them.

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Russian brides are graceful, charming and classic. Nature rewarded them with gorgeous looks. Basically, ladies tend to be tall and slim. Usually, their hair is straight, and the color varies. However, you can also come across curly and wavy hair.

Russia is an enormous country with a huge population and many nations and ethnicities. Therefore, people’s origin is mixed and diverse. Due to it, generally, women are appealing and exquisite.

Girls mostly have large beautiful eyes with the fascinating look and seductive plump lips. Also, women take good care of themselves and always look their best. It's hard to resist such a girl.


Due to the bringing up and social issues Russian people are self-reliant and independent from an early age. It’s common for people to go to the university at the age of 17-18 and move out from their parents. Youth also begins working in the first years of studying. Therefore, when students graduate, they already have the skill and some working experience.

So don’t be surprised if you meet the Russian bride, who wants to develop her career first. Education and work are essential parts of people’s lives in Russia. On the other hand, some ladies don’t like working and prefer getting married early and do household chores and bringing up children.


Russian women treat the family with respect. And if you become a partner of that lady, you are a family for her. She will always support you, stick with you and solve problems together. There is nothing impossible for her when she is in love and cares about her man.

Russian bride will be faithful and honest with you – such qualities are not that common anymore, so to find a loving partner like this is a real treasure. The only thing she will demand is to treat her equally, with respect, show your love and affection.


Straightforwardness is a defining feature of Russians. That is why sometimes you may think that they look grumpy or tired – they just don’t hide their feelings and that it how they feel at the moment. The same is true for Russian women.

They will always share their thoughts and opinion with you, tell you if something hurt them and openly express their feelings and emotions. Someone can find it hard to bear, but in reality, you just get the exact behavior of a person. In fact, if she doesn’t like you, she will tell in or show, so you don’t have to waste your time either.


Russian women are curious and eager to learn. They often study English at school, but can also pick up some other language. They enjoy attending courses and workshops, reading non-fiction books and break the sexist stereotypes about blonds.

russian girls

Intriguing facts about Russian women

There are a lot of bias and stereotypes about Russian brides online. Here are the facts that might be alluring for you:

  • Russian ladies outnumber men in the country, and that is often the reason, why they seek a foreign partner.
  • Women tend to give birth to the first child before 25 years old. It is also common to get married at a young age, however lately the trend is shifting.
  • Russian brides are great cooks. It is common to cook and eat at home in the country.
  • When dating Russian women, be sure to present them flowers and small gifts – it’s vital for them to see that you care.
  • Most Russian bride, who look for foreign husbands, have never been married before.
  • Ladies are well-educated and independent.

Impressive facts about Russia

  • Most people in Russia are Orthodox. They celebrate Christmas on 7th of January.
  • Russia is the fourth drinking country in the world. Due to this reason Russian brides seek foreign husbands.
  • Russian is the fifth most-spoken language in the world.
  • The country has a 99.7% literacy rate.
  • Life expectancy is around 64 years for men, and 76 – for women.

Why Russian brides seek foreign husbands?

There is no one primary reason for such tendency, instead preferably a few quite valuable ones. Firstly, Russian women outnumber men. Due to the lack of male, they look for foreign fiances.

  • Secondly, there are significant economic and social reasons. For example, Russia takes the 4th place in the world among countries with high alcohol consumption. Therefore, a lot of men are too into the drinking and mistreat women.
  • Also, some women are looking for a better life overseas. The economic situation in the country is not on the top, so ladies want to try to have a higher level of living somewhere abroad with loving and caring foreign husband.


At last, some women actually prefer dating foreigners, because they feel more connected to the Western culture, for example than to the Slavic Russian one. Due to globalization, there are no obvious borders between countries and people’s communication anymore. Therefore, they look for an adventurous and exotic life with a handsome husband from another country.

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Ideal man of a Russian bride

If you want to conquer the heart of a mail-order bride from Russia, then you should know what their expectations about foreign husbands are. Here are a few hints, that will make everything clear for you:

  • Equality and respect are the priority value for Russian brides today.
  • They expect the same passionate affection from the partner as they show.
  • They love receiving compliments and gifts. For them, it is a sign that a man is truly interested in their personality.
  • Russian brides don’t usually accept intimacy on the first date. They need time to get to know the person.
  • Russian mail order wife expect the husband to earn a decent salary and support the family. For her working is just a possibility, but for her man, it must be obligatory.
  • Russian mail brides take care of themselves and want their men to do the same. It means that you should dress smart, work out and stay in good shape.
  • Most ladies can’t wait to start a family and have children, so for them it’s vital that men have serious intentions and are ready for commitment.

Are mail-order bride websites safe?

Numerous dating websites offer connections with Russian mail-order brides. Most of them are decent and efficient venues for meeting singles online. Unfortunately, some sites are scams, and you should be careful when selecting a place for dating.

We offer the list of the best mail-order websites, where you can find the woman of your dreams and have a guarantee that the site is real. Also, the helpful advice would always be to be precocious and follow the rules of safety in the Web. This includes not sharing your data, don’t talk about your financial situation and don’t send money to anyone you just met online.

To conclude, Russian women, are fascinating, caring and loving. They will become supportive and gentle wives, who will share a fantastic gift of love with you. domain name.com gathered the most efficient dating services that will help you realize your dream. So don’t hesitate and start changing your life now.