Ruining stereotype associated with online dating

Ruining stereotype associated with online dating: Russian women are not for sale

Dating and communication online gained its popularity much time ago. Thanks to modern technologies dating and getting to know new people in the online network became that easy! Therefore, it is not a surprise that a new business emerged from this great technological opportunity.

Online dating and marriage agencies provide excellent services and permit people from all over the world to find each other and to develop different types of relationships. As you know, when anything or anyone gains success in today’s world, there appear unpredictably various myths or stereotypes about the service, the product or the person. It happened that way with the services provided by dating and marriage agencies.

The history of this business dates back to XIXth century. Americans while colonizing the world, discovered that making a bridge of love between people was a profitable business as it is always in demand. Then there appeared the first types of intermediaries, that helped to unite hearts, provided necessary language, organizational support. Such agencies are known today as marriage agencies and the service they offer is called mail order bride service.

As the formulation is quite ambiguous, a big stereotype arose from it. Some men think that mail order bride service means you can order your bride by email, paying an appropriate sum of money. As you can imagine; it is far away from being the truth. The term simply means that you can thanks to the means of internet find your wife, relying on a reliable agency. The myth that Russian women are for sale was spread either those, who never tried this service or by those, who want to harm the reputation of this business.

It is true that today mostly Slavic women, Russians in particular, register their profiles in the marriage agencies’ databases. There are several reasons for that:

  1. Economic conditions of Russia are, of course, far away from being ideal. Therefore, women tend to seek a strong man, who can give them enough of financial support. These men, with no doubt, come from the industrialized countries.
  2. The second reason is not less significant than the first one. Russian women are great wives and caring mothers. They will never sacrifice their family life to their career path.
  3. Russian ladies are very beautiful. They care about how they look and have a great sense of style.
  4. Russian brides are feminine. Femininity is a well-forgotten term is an industrialized world but it is the indivisible element of our life. Russian women have it and are proud of it.

How the service of mail order brides works and what costs it involve

  • When a man took a decision to seek his happiness with a help of a reliable marriage agency, he has to register on its website. The registration is usually free of charge.
  • Pay attention to the fact that some agencies can require the check of your passport details. Why is it so? Mail order brides service is legal. This type of business presupposes that the agency that delivers the services takes responsibility for all the parties involved. For a woman not to get into trouble and for your further personal comfort, your documents should be checked.
  • As soon as you register with a marriage agency, you will have to fill-in the details about the Russian beauty you want to meet. You then will be proposed some of the profiles. Profiles will contain some basic information about the woman. If you would like to receive a detailed information, including her address, e-mail etc., you will have to subscribe. The fee is quite symbolic. You then will be able to receive the access to the full profiles of ladies and to monitor them permanently. The fee is usually charged monthly.
  • When you choose the lady you want to meet, it is recommended that you visit her country of origin to meet her in real. Organizational support can be provided by your marriage agency for a separate fee, of course. Taking into account the expenditures on plane tickets, hotel room, entertainment, visa fee and other miscellaneous costs the final sum of your trip will vary from 15 000 $ to… All depends on what budget you can spend.
  • Then if you finally decide to marry, the marriage agency will prepare for you all the necessary documents and will help you with all administrative and legal procedures. The cost for this service is approximately 3 000 $.

This industry knows many successful stories and thanks to mail order bride services hundreds of women and men found their soulmates. Take a chance too!